The was a one owner Black Bomber for 44 years, The bike still has it's Original California Black plate.

This was purchased by my friend's father.


At the time of sale the original owner was in his 80"s.

The new owner tuned it up, he bought the correct tank and seat and it was off to the races back on the road. 

The bike comes with the original key.

The engine#CB450E-1012222

Registerred in California.

This bike is ready to ship worldwide.

This bike is begging to be ridden again. This is a great looking bike. We appreciate the interest.

We look forward to another satisfied client.

The Honda CB450 was the first 'big' Honda motorcycle with a 444cc 180° straight twin, dual overhead cam engine producing 43-45 horsepower (more than 100 HP/ litre).[3]

The early models were often known as 'Black Bomber',[1] were notable for their distinctive large chrome-sided fuel tank with the same common 'family' styling used in the S90 and CD175. In Canada the K1 model was marketed as the 'Hellcat'. One owner till 2013!


The Above Bike sold by "Mach One" $30,000

California Black plate survivor!