1976 Toyota Chinook

Toyota offered three different models in the 1970s. There was the Dolphin, built by National RV, the big Sunrader, made in cooperation with Gardner-Pacific, and the Chinook. The latter was based on the second-gen Hilux truck and built in cooperation with a California company.

These truck-based campers were of the compact variety, but many of them were fitted with pop-tops that created a six-foot-high (1.82-meter) lounge. They're famous for their reliability and solid mileage, and they're easy and affordable to maintain. But many of them didn't survive through decades of abuse, and those that did require a lot of work.

If you're in the market for a Chinook, it's your lucky day. This example from 1976 is in excellent condition.

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1968 Porsche 912



The Colome history dates back to a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean from Spain to Ellis Island.  By the 1930s they had made it to California and opened a La Conga cigar factory where they handmade cigars and sold to several major clients, including MGM Studios. During the war, my grandfather was drafted to supervise the construction of planes.

By 1957, Colome & Sons was established on Figueroa in Los Angeles, leading the way to what would one day be a Volkswagen dealership. One used car lot turned into three, and a tightly knit circuit of family, sales people, mechanics and service managers began to develop. 


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