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1970 GMC Special Order
 7,000 original miles Complete survivor

This truck is all original.
Absolute time capsule.
Since purchased we've cleaned and coated the gas tank. Replaced the original carburetor with the proper size replacement to feed the Big Block 401 original engine.
This truck is 100% original paint, complete original interior.
The engine bay still has the original grease pencil on the firewall.
The brakes and tires were replaced and redone.
The camper shell is an Alaskan pop up self contained camper. It also is a time capsule.
.We have the original books, build sheet, protect o plate and brochure from Alaskan Camper. This truck was special ordered to fit GMC's and Alaskan Campers needs. This was special original with Utility bed to fit the Alaskan Pop-top Camper body perfect. The campers hydraulics work perfect to lift the camper. It moves like it were new. The interior in incredible. It is equipped with Gas stove, Ice box, Closet, bed, table, sink, plenty of windows, original blinds, original cushions, mirror, electrical outlets along with the entire perfect utility bed with all of its amenities
It was originally purchased at Calvet GMC truck center located here in California.  
One owner out of Northern and Southern California its entire life. The owner passed away last year the day before my birthday. I found out this information as he was documented as being well established in his field. The biography speaks of his love outside of work. This love includes this truck and where he spent his time.  
Please view all the pictures. This is a irreplaceable truck.
We rebuilt the original A/C compressor and replaced all lines to the Compressor. I believe the evaporator was replaced. All work completed on this is warrantied by the company performing the work. It blows ice cold now.

The last items on the way is the original Antenna stem for the radio as I did not want to buy a reproduction.
One door handle.


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